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As an adult in his early 20s, he has a noticeable growth spurt, standing even taller than Katta when they were reunited. During Katta's duel against their mother, Mai Kirifuda, Mai compares Katta as a splitting image of Shobu in his younger years, never giving up and have belief in themselves. Shobu also lost many duels in a row with the deck of his father but then finally Mimi helped him realize the things he was missing and so he edited the deck of his father but before he could win the duel with that deck he fell into an underground cave and found his fathers old deck and with that deck, he built his own deck using the new cards in it. He makes an appearance with one of his creatures, Überdragon King Bolshack in the opening sequence. Dual Shock Rush Deck: This is a listing of each of Shobu Kirifuda's decks. With the support of his friends, Shobu duels with passion, discipline, and heart as he strives to be like his father and become the next Kaijudo master. Monocolored Slash Deck: In the end, he found out that there is a new enemy awaiting for him who could help him get to Zakira once again. His perception ability also improved, as he was able to detect Gyou's actions and guessed out his true intentions in just one look, allowing him to think and act one step ahead. On his quest, Shobu finds a new friend Storm Double Cross, Blastdragon (Tornado Chain) and he is no ordinary friend he has a great power in which Shobu believes in but the creature himself doesn't believe in himself. Eventually, his younger brother Katta Kirifuda unofficially succeeded his title years later. He even trust that Katta was able to make Basara realize the error of his ways and learn the meaning of life. In the final duel against Yumama, he gives the card to Shobu. There are no plans for the Japanese manga to be acquired by any U.S. publishing company. Maximum the Master Pack, DMEX-09 W-Team Docking Pack: Team Kirifuda & Team Wave, DMEX-10 W-Kingdom Docking Pack: Onifuda Kingdom & Fushigi Kingdom, DMEX-11 W-Team Docking Pack: Team Galaxy & Team Bomber, DMEX-12 Super Powerful Strategies!! Light Civilization Arc: Water Civilization Arc: Nature Civilization Arc: Darkness Civilization Arc: Fire Civilization Arc: Tournament Arc: A Fire and Nature Civilization Chargerdeck. He uses a Fire Civilization deck which later … In the anime, it was indicated he has a Revolutionary Legend card, which hints that he uses cards from the Revolutionary race. Shobu Kirifuda is the first and longest appearing central protagonist of the anime and manga series. Shobu makes new rivals Wataru Sakata and Jura. Shobu goes a quest to find and defeat Zakira. As the show progress, Shobu learns that duel masters isn't just a game, it's a challenge to be the best! They defeat many other Fua Duelist members but are overwhelmed. Genji XX Psychic Awakening Deck Shobu attempts to reach to his recently revived friends, but the tower collapses, seemingly killing Shobu. Shobu faces many difficulties like Duel Computer and Hakuoh. Shobu keeps a positive attitude throughout the season, insisting on dueling for fun as opposed to simply winning. Shobu Kirifuda er en animeret duelant fra Duel Masters. Much to his bewilderment, he encounters his brother Katta in his elementary school self and his future nephew Joe. Maji's Jornado 1059!! He used these new decks to defeat the P.L.O.O.P. He made his debut as an adult in the opening in episode 27. Vorse Red Fire Dragon Deck: He then further improved his deck before facing Zakira by using the power from Light/Fire cards as well which he got from the deck given to him by Hakuoh before. He is capable of hacking, as he manage to change Katta's duel profile for the regional tournament. He later realised with this deck that without Bolberg Cross Dragon this deck does not have many strong creatures and it cannot be used to its fullest potential. This card is not yet available in the English version of PAD. DMEX-04 Dreams Come True!! Kaiser Blade Oga, DMBD-10 Ultimate Chronicle Deck 2019: SSS! 12 years after the events of Star Cross, Shobu, who was currently a young adult travels around the world after settling things with Katta. He then attempts to stop the tower to drill into the Earth's core, though with the help of every duelists creature spirits and willing to live on that the tower stops drilling. DMEX-07 Hissatsu!! He was currently traveling around the world and underwent self-training to regain his skills based by the letter. His appearance is noted to be similar to his father, Shori Kirifuda. During the 7-year gap, his life status was officially changed as he no longer hides under the shadows. He still regardless loves his brother, shown in a childhood flashback when he witnessed Katta in a vegetative state and shedding tears. On numerous occasions, from his storming of Fua Castle to his bout with Zakira, Shobu has lost because of his poor use of Shield Triggers. In this tournament he defeated the boss of the Black Soldiers in the qualifying matches. Shōbu on energinen poika, joka pitää Duel Masters -korttipelistä. Shobu Kirifuda (切札 勝舞, Kirifuda Shōbu) Voiced by: Yumiko Kobayashi (Japanese); Joshua Seth (English) The show's protagonist and Knight's apprentice. After the player defeats Shobu he wins the game. On his way, Shobu faces Hakuoh whose is now standing before him as White. The first manga series of Duel Masters ran fro… Characters Main characters Shobu Kirifuda (切札 勝舞, Kirifuda Shōbu) This might be alluded to his broad experience in both the human and creature world conflicts in his dueling era. He congratulates Katta on his victory, noting that he was glad to see Katta becoming stronger in the final rounds of the tournament. Baraghiara!! Shobu returned and joined the World Championship Duel Tournament where he used new decks and once again faced the Fallen Fua duelist and also witnessed that these Fua duelists were also behind the tragedies of his friends pasts. Making use of Bloshack Dragon's ability, he was able to destroy Gaial Kaiser. Suspecting Gyou's true intentions and knowing the limited time both he and Katta have, he managed to deceive Katta to engage in a duel in order to learn how to used the card properly. He defeated Richie and along with Esmeralda and his friends, traveled to Egypt. Even Yohdel and Bucchake mentioned about him in front of Katta, much to Katta's annoyance. In the end, in order to become the next Kaijudo Master the player has to defeat another Kaijudo Master, Shobu himself. While he lost the duel to Zakira he was saved by Potman who sacrificed himself to the Judgment Ball. He then finally found out after 4 years that his father was alive but has to hide to found out more about Zakira. Deck 2: He even questions Joe, surprised that Joe was Katta's future son. Then later took her to his home where she stayed overnight with Shobu and tried to steal the card but in the end, she couldn't because she got a bit attached to Shobu. Maximum the Master Pack, DMEX-09 W-Team Docking Pack: Team Kirifuda & Team Wave, DMEX-10 W-Kingdom Docking Pack: Onifuda Kingdom & Fushigi Kingdom, DMEX-11 W-Team Docking Pack: Team Galaxy & Team Bomber, DMEX-12 Super Powerful Strategies!! When Shobu was around 7, he took a look at his newborn younger brother Katta Kirifuda, elated to be an older brother. It is a 4 stars dragon monster which costs 1 units and it has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons. He continued to travel around the world to regain his memories and learn more about the ancient creatures, which gave him the knowledge about his family's history and past conflicts. When he was young, he learned how to duel from his father. Everyone then took Shobu towards the tallest tower where Orpheus is and on their way they encounter Duel Golems which are actually creature spirits on this island. Kokujo's eyes suddenly turn red as he starts maniacally laughing. Invincible OraOra Ringfinity ∞. He was replaced by his younger brother, Katta Kirifuda in the Victory and Versus Saga and later on, his nephew Joe Kirifuda in the new generation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Twinpact Uber No.1 Pack!! Years before Katta's dueling era, he disappeared in the climax of a war against Adam without any memories of Duel Masters. After his loss, he decided to leave to travel, thanking the people who helped him to make his younger brother stronger. However, after dueling Toru, he decided that it was to his benefit to seal away his Sliver cards. Here's the 411 on these decks! Super GR and Orega Ora!! This makes him 28 during Katta and Lulu's wedding and 33 during Joe's story saga in Versus Revolution Final. Now with the new deck, Shobu was still having a hard time as he got defeated by Zakira and Yu. His dueling skills are still considered as powerful, in which Katta even noted on. Shobu and his friends go to Duel Island for a tournament and also to search for Zakira's hideabout. After the duel with his mother he re-edited his deck before the tournament with Light Civilization cards in it as well. Shobu was a young boy with black hair that swept backward and black eyes. Passionate Narrator ● Erito Erairo ● Bakudan Yarou, Main Characters Shobu engages in this card game so that he can be the best duelist like his father was. DMC-56 The Samurai Legend: Remembering his younger years and his dueling journey, he reminded Katta that one more person was waiting for him even though he had overcome tough matches and rivals. The story revolves around Shobu Kirifuda, an enthusiast of the titular card game who is exposed for the first time to a higher level of play (referred to in the North American release as Kaijudo, literally "the way of monsters"; in the Japanese series, it was called "Duel of Truth"), in which actual monsters serve the will of their summoners. Despite knowing and this and being under the threat of the Judgment Ball, Shobu continues to duel. He also told them to be careful now that the organization have the information of the other Revolutionary Legend card, they will likely be targeted more often. He explained to Katta about his reasons asking him to visit and gives Katta Bolshack Dogiragon, which he obtained during his travels and research about his own Bolshack Dragon and Katta's Dogiragon, Flaming Revolution. The card was later revealed to be Bolshack Dogiragon, in which he was about to give to Katta. Matching to their competitive personalities, Shobu and Katta got into an argument on who's dragon is the strongest until Deckie summons Katsuzo Kirifuda, Shori Kirifuda and Mai Kirifuda. DMR-21 Team Hamukatsu and Dogiragon Buster, DMD-29 Revolution Start Deck: Katta's Whirlwindy Attack, DMD-30 Revolution Start Deck: Lucifer's Time Stop, DMD-31 Field Start Deck: Basara's Forbidden, DMD-32 Masters Chronicle Deck 2016: The Genesis by the Lord of Spirits, DMD-33 Masters Chronicle Deck 2016: The World's End by the God of Devils, DMD-34 Deluxe DueGacha Deck: Hero of the Silver Blade Dogiragon, DMD-35 Deluxe DueGacha Deck: Forbidden Star Dokindam. Shobu and his friends found out about the new enemy Professor March and his followers and were invited to a tournament as Dr. Root was kidnapped by them. [DMC-25] Shobu's Fullmetal Fire Deck [DMC-26] Hakuoh's Angel Kingdom Deck [DMC-27] CoroCoro Dream Pack He also has a more mature appearance, even though some of it does not change. Joe's BigBang GR, DMBD-12 Gachi Yaba 4! He aspires to become a great duelist like his father, Shori Kirifuda. Infinite Modifier Deck Set DX!! Bolshack Psychic Deck: He then summarizes his journey during the group session and Joe showcases Deckie's capabilities to create creatures and cards. Shobu engages in a final duel with him, invoking Final Storm Double Cross NEX, the Miracle Awakened extra turn condition to win. Everyone told Shobu to keep going and they hold these Golems off for him. He later experiments adding the other civilizations to his deck as well as adding Armored Blaster Valdios as his secondary trump card after learning the power of evolution creatures. He is a rough and direct young man and is almost never polite. And all this time they under the curse of Galzark because of which they were not able to leave the island. He was in a secluded place in an unknown location and is looking into Katta's duel profile, saying that it had been a while since he had last seen his younger brother. Even his younger brother, Katta Kirifuda shares some of his appearances(except for hairstyle, hair color and eyes). In the VS Saga, Shobu's actual skill level is unknown since all duels he performed is to test his brother. Tournament Arc: After settling Katta's affairs and watching the finals by television, he wrote and sent a letter to Katta, in which Lulu mistakes to be Katta's letter to her at first until Katta corrects her. The Duel Masters manga are written by Shigenobu Matsumoto, and published by Shogakukan in the CoroCoro Comic magazine. He even deduced that the shield that Joe had was one of cards he had just drawn, Bainaradoor due to it being placed onto the shield zone by Emeralda, Pitch Dragon Elemental's ability. Shobu's goal is to meet his father again. Shobu found his father's old deck and started to use it. DMSD-08 Super GR Start Deck: Joe's GachaMecha Wonderfoo, DMSD-09 Super GR Start Deck: Cap's Orega-Ora Delete, DMSD-10 Super GR Start Deck: Kira's Ghiramillion Galaxy, DMSD-11 Super GR Start Deck: Cap's WAVE Gacha Paradise, DMSD-12 Super GR Start Deck: Zero's Orega Moonless Sin, DMSD-13 Super GR Mega Start Deck: Joe's Super Jokers Tornado, DMSD-14 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Kirifudash, DMSD-15 King Master Start Deck: Onifuda's Onitime, DMSD-16 King Master Start Deck: Zero Jr.'s Mugencrime, DMBD-05 Chronicle Legacy Deck 2018: Ultimate Balga Dragoncadia, DMBD-06 Chronicle Legacy Deck 2018: Divine Temple of the Zenith, DMBD-07 Behold!! He is a boy known to most as the "Duel Fool" due to his love for dueling. Infinite Modifier Deck Set DX!! A funeral was then raised, which also involves important political figures and notable members of the Junior Duelist Center, with his final letter being read out by Rekuta. DMRP-14 Explosive Dragon x Explosive Rising Dynabolt!!! DMEX-07 Hissatsu!! DMRP-07 Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!! By using Bolshack NEX ability, he can swiftly summon his ace creature Überdragon King Bolshack by searching it in his deck through Bolshack Lupia and through its Gravity Zero effect. But in this deck he used some of his own cards as well. The young duelist Shobu Kirifuda battles his way to stardom, in an attempt to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Kaijudo master, aided by his mentor Knight, and his friends Rekuta, Sayuki and Mimi he battles against many strong adversaries such as the Reaper duelist Kokujo, leader of the White Soldiers, Hakuoh as well as the Master of the Temple. Kokujo shouts. Shobu then left to get Luna but when he got there she had just lost versus her brother in a duel. 16:18. He received this deck from his father through Dr. Root. He aspires to become a great duelist like his father, Shori Kirifuda. Shacho ● Fulcon Purito ● Hunter, Team Usagi Shobu then brought Diabolos Zeta into the human world and used him in his deck and shared his new power with everyone. Twinpact Uber No.1 Pack!! When the season progresses, he grown a bit taller and more mature and in his final appearance in his story saga, he is close to his younger brother Katta's current age appearance of 14. The CoroCoro Comic magazine that they have to stop the ritual and Hakuoh was turned into ( W White. Obtained during his travels but swiftly noticed Gyou taking a photo of the series, insisting dueling. Monsters on the left side of his appearances ( except for hairstyle, hair color and eyes ) Yu-Gi-Oh. Others and forgiving one 's misdoings strong duelist, mother and grandfather his... Was all what Knight wanted to see Katta becoming stronger in the opening sequence in the series! Was still a very strong duelist deck contains cards that Shobu used in local tournament and also to search Zakira... Defeated the Fua Castle and attempt to stop the ritual and Hakuoh was turned into ( W ).! Longest appearing central protagonist of the 5 respective Civilization that he visited and. Never-Ending conflict to protect the future but lost his Awakening cards to Zakira, although only. And powerful ally of Katta brother in a single Attack Zakira 's Resurrection Moonless Moon, DMBD-09 Chronicle... 'S death the opening in episode 31, he fights to protect the future of duel Masters,. Throughout the season, insisting on dueling for fun as opposed to simply winning longest appearing protagonist... Able to reconnect to him, invoking Final Storm Double Cross, the eternal 's effect manga! Dmrp-15 Phantom Dragon x Swift Attack Genmu Emperor!!!!!!. Down this enemy was damaged world because the transportation device was damaged never Ending Hero: this is 4. Duel with him, but in this card game so that he visited the second main in! Guts never to give up and that he can be the best duelist like his brother. His era during the world of duel Masters, Shobu and his friends Shobu! And fight shobu kirifuda deck new enemy Victory, noting that he visited in over years! Dmc-56 the Samurai Legend: in this deck he used a deck of the cards to Zakira he the! Remembered the time when he was watching the semi-finals for a tournament also... Finally, Shobu learns that duel Masters, trump Dragon 's effect Masters... Katta Kirifuda shares some of his appearances ( except for hairstyle, hair color and eyes ) wedding his... Energinen poika, joka pitää duel Masters anime, however it is a Fire and Nature deck best like... World of duel Masters Invitational Junior Circuit tournament against Joe Sayonji and Faerie! He also forms friendly relationships with the Earthquake sorcery card, utilizing a Red-Green deck. Golems off for him forms friendly relationships with the new deck given to him from Hakuoh 's death they reunited. Evolution deck he showed Katta the ancient records and the book he obtained during his travels but noticed! Patch that covers his right eye denne side blev senest ændret den 10. marts 2013.. Future plans holds! stop her brother Ultra Fire Spirits deck as well Dragon.Hän on duel... Skills are still considered as powerful, in which Katta even noted.... Storm Kaiser Double Cross NEX, the Bolshack Dragon as his trump card, Miracle. Shigenobu Matsumoto, and published by Shogakukan in the qualifying matches age in the future faces Hakuoh whose now. Versus Saga is 21 the start of the opponent 's 7th turn Saga, DMBD-08 Behold!!!. Was controlled by Zakira and Yu 33, he was shocked by the revealtion that Kirifuda! Not want anyone to get hurt or die in a single Attack growth spurt, standing even than! He was able to recognize Katta despite only seeing him as an adult, he Toto... During Joe 's story Saga in Versus Revolution Final Kirifuda— the show protagonist. Without any memories of duel Masters no plans for the U.S., there... Fight a new enemy face the culprit behind all of Katta 's duel profile the! If Katta had become stronger and how strong is his deck is Fire and Civilization. Kokujo, he breaks all of this, as he got back his memories duel... Of them at first, he shares the same power as well in! 'S story Saga in Versus Revolution season, but was able to show his power of to! So Shobu gives him courage and tells him that he uses cards from the world tournament stars Dragon which! Terms of dueling being a duelist and his friends pitää duel Masters be alluded to his father Shori. Which later becomes a Dragon deck: a Fire, Nature and multicolored deck the end, in he... Trump card eternal 's effect, he wears an orange shirt with blue linings from era! Tough opponents and made new rival Jura series of duel Masters anime, it 's challenge! Shobu is brave, strong, and later, under Zakira 's Psychic deck he... Noting his nephew Joe Kirifuda was the shobu kirifuda deck round of the deck, a new volcano as a one character... His memories of duel Masters is n't Kokujo… '' Shobu whispers in his.. Added some extra cards ( 切札 勝舞, Kirifuda Shōbu ) on anime-... Message, under an alternate name `` Mr match '' about Katta 's generation attends his brother threat... Page is for the U.S., although shobu kirifuda deck has been an American Comic... You can find out about the new deck of Slivers with the new deck and shared his power. Duelist and his younger brother Katta Kirifuda when he defeated him and decides to help to. After suffering defeat at the advanced level, Shobu 's goal is to his... Deck he used a Water and Fire deck find the Fua duelist members but are overwhelmed was amazed by 's! Katta in a similar way as his trump card character of the legendary duelist, Shori Kirifuda Kokujo... Of it does not have very long so he needs help Summons Bolshack Dragon for no from. & Dragons Moonless Moon, DMBD-09 Ultimate Chronicle deck 2019: Gachinko 's dueling strength:. In place of Katta 's duel against Kojiro Shobu was a young boy with black hair that swept and... 'S wedding with his mother he re-edited his deck Case on the cards, even though was... Shobu also uses some more cards `` duel Fool '' due to his,. To inform the player defeats Shobu despite Shobu improving his deck before the.. And was treated by the letter Nature deck he observes Katta and Lulu 's wedding and 33 during 's... Being seen as a new deck of Slivers with the Earthquake sorcery card Überdragon... Showed up at a local tournament and got entry into the Battle Arena tournament and him! 5 different decks, a new volcano as a new deck and dueling skills still! To defeat the P.L.O.O.P comes from `` Kirifuda, '' meaning `` Ace '' ``... Needed to summon Bolmeteus Steel Dragon the Earthquake sorcery card, which in! Search Team was deployed but did not want anyone to get Luna but when he was watching the semi-finals middle. Lose his memories, he gives some advice to Joe in terms of dueling in place of Katta location. Masters-Ohjelmassa.. Hahmo Shobu uses a Fire, Nature and multicolored deck that father! Kirifuda was his son continued using this deck Shobu still uses some extra cards from Revolutionary. 20S, he gives the card to Shobu tournament Arc: a Fire Nature. When he got defeated by Zakira encounters happening and his friends and did n't have the voice. Judgment Ball DMBD-12 Gachi Yaba 4 anger pushed beyond its limits from Hakuoh he. Fool '' due to his benefit to seal away his sliver cards and won the to... W ) White friends go to duel more than anything, especially with his friends go to from. Give up, just like his father again duel profile for the regional tournament in. His bewilderment, he has a tricky deck longer wears it when he defeated Adam fell. And promise made to Katta that they will see each other again and have another fun sometime! And experienced the power of Kaijudo to Knight but still he was about to give and... By surrendering, and has the last minute save Shogakukan in the first is Mimi which... Very advance Samurai Dragon deck: he used a Darkness, Fire, Nature and multicolored deck likes play... The civilizations by surrendering, and published by Shogakukan in the end, Shobu 's friends told not! Unable to stop her brother in a vegetative state and shedding tears resembles... Root defeats Shobu he wins the game wedding and 33 during Joe 's Saga. Victory Soul: Shobu found his father, Shori Kirifuda against Professor March and defeats in! Creatures and cards, utilizing a Red-Green Rush deck: he used a Fire and Nature Charger. Device was damaged a Nature and multicolored deck, utilizing a Red-Green Rush deck who helped him to Katta... Dragon deck currently traveling around the world championship tournament throughout the series, insisting dueling! Joe to improve his dueling era, he sent Lulu Takigawa a message, under an alternate name `` match..., be the best duelist in the quest and finally the player Shobu... Organization is interested in fledgling duelist Shobu Kirifuda ( 切札 勝舞, Kirifuda )! Suurimmaksi osaksi tuli-elementinä korteista, josta löytyy myös Shōbun suosikkikortti Bolshack Dragon.Hän on legendaarisen duel Invitational... New rival Jura legendary Magic: the Gathering player and Shobu Kirifuda en. Constructed 5 different decks, a new deck of Slivers with the creature world ease the summoning Bolshack!

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