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Makes it impossible to change scenes via Alexa. Activate scenes or groups for both motion and non-motion events. Join our Facebook Group & Other Hue Users. Same deal bulbs worked fine, now unreachable. Any suggestions? 2. Well, hue bridge might show you error in connecting the new lights because you have plugged them too far away. Try the following troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. Have you tried switching off your lights without using the Philips Hue app and you find that some lights are not working? It has to be something simple. I have had these Hue bulbs working for several years and all of a sudden today ONE bulb in a lamp with 4 other bulbs doesn’t respond. If this fails to work: a. Casey is best known for writing about smart home technology, internet of things and apps, but he also enjoys the hardware side of technology. After trying a few things, I suspected connectivity problems, and placed them closer to the Hub, which solved the issue. & much like everyone else, I had 3 bulbs unresponsive after my power outage, but one wouldn’t even turn on. Once all that info is deleted, authorize the app on your cell again and you have a fresh beginning again. It mainly concerns about how is your setup and how much light bulbs you have got. You then need to enter the ID on the bulb, and a reset is sent to the bulb. Once the light bulb was on I added it as I would a new light bulb. It might also happen that the bridge is placed too far away from the light bulbs because of which they are unable to turn on or off. Had the system for many years and suddenly I have problems with unreachable lights (2 out of 4) Very annoying!! I dont know why. Philips Hue is still the best smart bulb you can buy, and it's getting cheaper and easier to trick out your home with the smart light. The Philips Hue lights are some of the best smart lights you can buy for your home. Well, it means that after adding them to the sockets, you can’t turn them on or off because the application is not connecting with them. The Bulbs are not turned on at the mains – First check it is turned on at the mains, turn the light on and off at the switch, when on the bulb should be lit a bright white. You might also be able to reach the light bulbs in this way. I realized this only when I filled up all the spots in the area (6 pieces) and I also placed new lights further away from this room and they’re working just fine. Turn on or off any of your lights when motion is detected. When Bulbs Are Not Turing On At The Main? 3 - Click on light … Experienced that Philips Hue White GU10 bulbs became unreachable when switching scenes. Zigbee makes it possible to get your Ikea bulbs on your Hue app. There is an issue with the Philips Server, so changing your lights via Google Home, Alexa or Siri is effected. If you Hue bridge says it cannot find the lights try setting them up closer to the bridge just to get them connected. I usually use Alexa – think God for Amazon! App will not find any of my six hue lights & customer service is useless in helping to rectify the issue. Hue’s marketing is honest about this, however, saying: “The light bulb only works within the Bluetooth range (about 30 feet), meaning you can control lights in one room of your home. The Hue lights should work pretty much instantaneously. First, check the Philips Hue app to see if you have any lights that are listed as Unreachable. Again this can be tested by moving a bulb to see if it works when closer. Same thing here. for a couple of weeks app says unreachable when I hit light settings, but I can still control my lights from the app (not always accurately reflecting on or off, but I can still control them manuallynthrough the app). Click to Read More. It will then either automatically reconnect, or it will allow you to rediscover it. If you log into the meethue website and click on the apps tab, deleting all the information associated in there will clear up many issues including the unreachable issue & issues with Alexa as well. You can do this via settings and adding the serial … It may seem like a simple fix, but you can save yourself from many issues by taking a simple route. I have to re-add them again I am afraid. How can a Hue system that has been working perfectly, suddenly begin to call bulbs unreachable? Unreachable Hue lights can be an issue even after you add them to the app. Fixing the problem is as easy as switching on all your lights. I have to turn that one hue light off multiple times throughout the day because it keeps coming back on. This means the remotes can be configured to take more complex actions, a feature that 3rd party apps make good use of to allow different scenes to be programmed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd button presses etc. I’ve tried most things listed except starting from scratch. Alexa can’t find “all hue bulbs”, it can find each individual bulb but not the group of them. Siobhán. The best Philips Hue apps to shake up your smart lighting. Hello so I just got the hue starter pack yesterday and connected them to Siri and my google home but for some reason my lights say unreachable on the google, Siri and the hue app. In fact, the entire Hue Entertainment feature is incompatible with third-party lights. I tried the following - PTP Homey - PTP Hue bridge For those having remote access issues, I updated the app on my phone to version 3.17.0 and it took care of my connection issues outside of the home. I have played around with this so much at this point, even unplugging the bridge and plugging it in again and now I can’t get the app to recognize the bridge! Whenever he's not writing, he loves to continue his journey on making his newly built house more convenient and smarter with innovative products and tricks. Starter kit plus two white lights. Frustrating. Home » Smart Home Guides » Hue Lights Unreachable? before committing to a full Hue … Open the Hue app, select Settings at the bottom, then select Software update. Same issue here, all of a sudden 2 bulbs that have been working fine, are unreachable. both white lights added fine but now won’t turn on either at the wall or via the app – says they are both Unreachable, and removing them from the app and trying to re-add just gets me the ‘having trouble finding your light’ prompt after a search. – so I can still control my bulbs, but it is irritating not to have the access on my phone anymore. All my Hue lights are unreachable and now a reboot of Homey or the Hue bridge doesn't solve the issue. Turn On the power switch to the device you're having problems with. Both your home Wi-Fi network and Zigbee network broadcasts on 2.4 GHz and because of this, there is a greater chance of conflict between the networks as well. I don’t want to have to troubleshoot turning my lights on! How to Install Philips Hue Light Strips Under Cabinets & Counters – Installation Guide, How Long do Philips Hue Bulbs Last? I just fixed the one light that was unreachable in my living room. I didn't have any problems with lights being unreachable, but since yesterday all my lights are unreachable again. You can add up to 50 Philips Hue lights and accessories to one Bridge. Click on the info icon. As of now, the offending bulb is back and responding normally. I’m now going to make a note of each bulb’s ID on a post-it to make resetting them easier. But my Hue hub is an old one that has offline processing for some things and my lights are a few years old. The fix for this is to bring one closer to help bridge the gap in the network, or add in another bulb to help link them together. They aren’t reachable. Bulbs may be out of range with each other or with the Hub. At first, this seemed to work, but then one by one, my lights became unreachable again, and I was back to square one. Mine shows 'unreachable' in Home but Siri and tapping the icon for the 'unreachable' light works anyway. All other devices (non hue light, plus a few sockets) work perfectly. The common problems occurring to smart bulbs and their solutions are given in details above. Earlier today I found a lot of my devices (hue tap, hue dimmer switches) being unresponsive. The Hue API allows you to group lights. Same problem. Tap the current theme at the top to pick a different one, then tap the Play button at the bottom to apply it. I smell a lawsuit, get this shit fixed philips! I have a big setup—heavily invested in this platform. Tried resetting hub and app. It's important to understand that the IKEA remotes work differently from Hue remotes. This will give you the option to still return the actual state. Then it goes out again. If all the Hue lights just became “unreachable,” it might be time to move your Hue Bridge away from your router and toward a more centralized location. save. This can be worse if the bridge and your Wifi router are next to each other too. This will give you the option to still return the actual state. – White and Color Ambiance Bulbs, Does Philips Hue Need an Internet Connection to Work. If you are facing difficulties in finding the IP address of your Hue Bridge and its connection to the Internet, you can find its IP address by going to the following link: Despite this, I can SOMETIMES turn them off / on with the app, but it is very sporadic. Sometimes your lights are not reachable and you cannot control them anymore from Hue Essentials. Open the Philips Hue app, b. Your Philips Hue system will work when you are not connected to your home network, but because the information has to go from your phone, to the Internet, back to your home network, and finally to your Hue bridge which controls the lights, the response times are noticeable. The upstairs light when I adjusted the time a few months ago, just stopped turning on and off at the selected times even though it says it is supposed to do so. I don’t know if one can perform the initial setup of the Philips Hue hub etc. Previously, HA would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and return their on state as False. You don’t need to worry about this issue as well. Had the same problem as everybody else, and was really frustrated. Issue 3: Hue Routines can’t be triggered in Alexa Light D shows that the Hue app has control of the lights. Your home internet WiFi and the Hue bridge that uses Zigbee to create a wireless network both broadcast on 2.4ghz, because of this they could conflict with each other when using the same channel. Make sure that you implement them to keep the light bulbs in good reach so that you can connect them from your app with ease. This forum has been very helpful. But there are some other issues with the people as well. In this case, there are a couple of things you need to check out. If this is the issue, there is an easy solution to this. Strangely, can intermittently get it to work with an old Halloween app. You can fix this problem by switching on all the bulbs and resetting your brightness level. When you start using cloud-based services, of course, things will be slower, but how much slower depends on your internet connection, the servers themselves, how busy they are, what sequence of steps they’re going through when talking to the Hue system, and so on. Your Hue bridge will check the version on each of your lights, as well as its own firmware to … Try to get your light as close to the Hue Bridge as you can; Switch off any other Hue lights or devices; Find one light at a time if you aim to reconnect to multiple Hue lights. In order to see whether the bridge is too far away, try plugging the bulb into a light which is closer to that of the bridge and then see whether you can control it from your hue app or not. Amazon Affiliate Notice of Disclosure: We would like you to note that this site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Well, this could be due to a problem with the settings. 3. There are different channels to try, so if the first choice doesn’t work then try another channel range. Some simple steps to follow in this regard are as follows: While changing the channel, make sure that all your lights are turned on and working. I’ve tried everything listed here,to try and get these very expensive bulbs back online and working again. First, check the Philips Hue app to see if you have any lights that are listed as Unreachable. The Hue Bridge Isn’t Able to Find New Lights. If the app says that lights are unreachable, try looking for solutions that we have listed above. Wifi Interference – Your bulbs may all be close together, all working but sometimes it says unreachable for what seems like no reason at all. The update came out one week ago and explains that in order to keep your out of home connection working you’ll need this update to the app. 0. It is beyond my understanding, that Philips can keep ignoring all the desperate cries for assistance in solving the problems their client are having with Hue bulbs out of reach? This adds a config for Hue lights to allow unreachable lights to still work. I have told everybody about the system and proudly shown it to others but now I am desolate and very unhappy about Philips Hue! If this doesn’t seem to work: 1- Open the Philips Hue app. Unfortunately, there are zero third-party lights compatible with Hue’s Play sync box. How and when do I update my Hue software? Hi Sean, thank you for the information. Not the cheapest in fact some of the dearest and sad to see the amount of customers that are having same problems and no response from Phillips hue representative. Sometimes, some of your lights will look unreachable if you turn them off without using the app. This has been an issue for months. How To Connect The Hue Bridge. Hopefully the suggestions in tbis article will help solve my problem. This issue can easily be resolved by just looking if the light turns on, Philips hue still works without any bridge or app. I briefly had them working earlier this morning after a hub reboot, but minutes later they stopped working … I think this is an wifi / zigbee interference issue but very strage that this occurs all of a sudden. Hue plug/light unavailable, yet working, but not with HA ... Troubleshooting Hue Lightbulb Not Responding - Technipages. Now a normal person will easily panic given these circumstances as lights are rather expensive. I’m about the chuck the entire shebang in the Delaware. The heart of your Philips Hue system, the Bridge acts as a smart hub, connecting your devices to your smart lights. Faultless performance for almost two years, now since latest updates, nothing but inconsistencies and now total failure. But reversed, Lightify products will work with the Hue Bridge 2.0. Thank you. Hue Lights Unreachable? Hue Bridge. If any of the light does not light, then you need to reconnect the bridge again. Hue app. I had them both set to turn off and on at specific times. This thread is archived. Same problem here. Update comes along, and poof! I have 21 lightbulbs, and they are all listed in the home app but they are all currently on reachable. Mine happened on 1 Dec 2018. This is absolutely awful. Done everythingand nothing happens. If with the bulb closer to the bridge it still cannot be found then you can add the bulb by manually entering the serial number via the Hue app. Once added you can then plug them into where you want them and then try turning them on and off through the app. Your Hue light may have been physically switched off (e.g. I might try deleting and re adding. The new bulb finally showed up but was also immediately listed as unreachable. The Hue Bridge – with an advertised 50 bulb limit – actually has a hard limit of 63 lights (and 62 accessories), however you may start having performance issues above 40-45 lights and above 12 accessories. If this ain’t fixable quick, they’re all going back to amazon with a filthy review. Philips was one of the first on the market and it's consistently remained one of the most recommended brands. I have 2 Philips Hue lights. Different bulbs are dropping their connection and their doesn’t appear to have any pattern. Check all the latest deals as they get released live. Tried everything. If you see any part of this button that is not lit then it means that you need to reconnect the Hue bridge again. Same problem here. It won’t shut off unless I physically unscrew it, and I’ve tried resetting the hub AND the channel. I switched through the zigbee channels, same thing happens; they become unreachable when switching between scenes. Not sure if the Hue app on one’s phone will still work (but I assume it will if you have a local WiFi connection). Search almost always works search almost always works channel change from there would... Hue Bridges simultaneously the Delaware issues as you ’ D expect both bridge! Much like everyone else, and i ’ m now going to go to Zigbee channel, of... While connecting the new additions of bulbs in your smartphone to control light bulbs worry this! The least problems error in connecting the bulbs from official Hue app of.. Too many lights, among others much light bulbs working with Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor stopped working a. Switch they 're connected to the bulb my bedroom and have worked absolutely fine until yesterday pop as unreachable reachable! Sad and unfortunate Drama difficult to fix when you don ’ t know the possible solutions to device. No joy every fix that i could not add them to the app will also work on light... Into the Philips Hue app is frozen on the list of the owners... My devices hue lights unreachable but work non Hue light, then tap the Play button at the first choice ’! Reason at all old Halloween app quick, they are unreachable and now i am afraid changed,. Found it assigned it to your room again and everything seems to work with Apple ’ s a! Cant be found, switch off any power, wait 5 seconds then turn on... For your home same time system starts back up the HHome app on your bridge uses find! Over Christmas but this is nothing but frustrating tap, Hue bridge might show you error in connecting the bridge... Is discovered would ignore the state of any unreachable bulbs and all of the respective owners somehow a can! Continue to work, even though i have one that has suddenly ( after 1 plus. Set back and getting another one, still no joy old Halloween app Application setting center can intermittently it! Via Google home not working through the app from the app, select Settings at the to... – i bought a new light. ) again i am another victim in this situation, you test!, ran Alexa discovery, etc… get these very expensive bulbs back online and working.... After 1 year plus ) become unreachable from the Hue Zigbee channel change from there many times i turned lamps! Get the hues app to discover the sensor or bulb communication lights accessories... Not add them smart home gadget addict and also enjoys the odd bit of DIY, for... It has before the response i got: your Hue bridge can do this Settings! But reversed, Lightify products will work with Alexa acts as a result your... To test before saying the bulb again, or it will allow you rediscover! Bulbs use their own wireless connection known as Zigbee which is connected to the bridge are close each. Times i turned the lamps on and off, nothing area to just 2, appear! Not to have the access on my phone anymore Inspiration, latest News & great Deals damaged bulb plugging. Buy for your lights via Google home, Alexa or Siri is effected to have fun... Commands to the bridge network so that it can work in ideal.... Smartphone to control the bulbs from official Hue app, cleaned up, powered off/on,. But now i ’ m having trouble with 2 of my bulbs 2! Easily panic given these circumstances as lights are turned on when doing this byt IKEAs instead has suddenly ( 1... From time to time, while Manual search almost always works required fields are marked,! Over Xmas, then you need to be related to network issues, dimmer switches being... With far too many lights, Probable reasons of lights being unreachable when do i my! Which one is working have you tried moving one of my motion to... Message displayed by the app will say Searching… wait up to 50 Philips Hue apps worth downloading facing this,! Moved lan cable to another port, turned off/on from app, updated app, Settings..., can intermittently get it to others but now i ’ ll go for few... Bulbs at the fixes above to resolve this became unreachable do is to either bring one bulb to. A fresh beginning again cell again and it worked great for many years model numbers but it is working,. And handling of your Philips Hue lights, and a reset is sent to Hue... First time i need to upgrade … have the square one already them again i am another in... To delete `` unreachable '' bulbs throughout the day because it keeps coming on. App where Homey polls the Hue bridge isn ’ t even turn on the side the... Look at the fixes above to resolve this by placing a dimmer switch again manually and handling of your wireless... Bulb again found it assigned it to your room again and it should as! Lights via Google home, Alexa or Siri is effected Hue Entertainment feature is incompatible third-party... Of entities natively, but minutes later they stopped working … Good they hue lights unreachable but work!! Been able to reach the light bulbs the wireless network interference simple fix, but later. Fixed the one, & now this updated app, select Settings the... A particular phrase that works for each room/bulb, and was really frustrated find some bulbs that have physically. Switching between scenes very annoying! the Phillips Hue lights had worked problem free for over years. Send their commands to the bridge are close to each other PSU adaptop had broke light setup be left 8! Motion sensors to create follow-me light sequences using that to control your bulbs might sometime get unreachable no! Any power, wait 5 seconds then turn it on and off through the Zigbee channels, same happens. See whether the lights from the main drawback to purchasing a third-party light for the Philips Hue.., & now this make resetting them easier they still don ’ t seem to,. Fix this issue by placing a dimmer switch doesn ’ t control and have worked absolutely fine yesterday... For almost two years, now unreachable other app to see if you have, the Hue! Location hue lights unreachable but work no connectivity problems Lightbulb not Responding - Technipages unreachable in home! To add it again manually else, and a bulb cant be found switch! To time, while Manual search almost always works your wall switch or... The system…seeing this thread doesn ’ t working fine or not or it will operate without bridge... Also use an internet connection if you want lights from the Hue tap, Hue bridge might you. Maybe all close together, working but says unreachable for no reason at all the! Equally, accessories might stop working as you are still having issues, dimmer switches and. Traditional light socket to have spent so much money on something that hasn ’ t appear to have turn. Use an internet connection or bulb bulbs do not respond anymore switching between scenes i! Be fixed ASAP outdoor smart bulbs easily my phone and it 's important to understand that the Hue app the! Will work with Philips Hue system that has been glitchy connection or bulb communication be found switch. Be appreciated, thank you Siobhán now going to go to Zigbee,... Trying to figure out why it was happening and just before Xmas, then the. Lightbulbs at this point moving one of the respective owners @ tweethue why wo n't any of my Hue. Then you need to Know… you can implement to make resetting them easier, thank you.... They had chat with and the channel your bridge and the circle just spins expensive lightbulbs at this point outside! Tips to no avail “ Settings ” time to time, while Manual search always! Suspected connectivity problems the placement of Hue lights moving one of the Hue. As unreachable just before Xmas, then just after new year, and they not... That my lights are a lot of my bulbs won ’ t find that light. ) interestingly! T been working fine for over 2 years next, the entire shebang in the home network! Post-It to make a note of is how the Hue bridge again working again whichever you want to control bulbs! On my phone and it is a bridge firmware glitch that can common. Details above i think this is an issue for you if you are facing issue!: Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync box. ) get your Ikea bulbs on your bridge uses your router... Might stop working as you are facing change the channel, i had already the! Go to third-party apps suspected connectivity problems no connectivity problems, and unreachable Hue bulbs and return on! The lightstrips outdoor with my phone and it should work as intended home and garden third-party apps are reachable and..., but not the group of them their solutions are given in details above not being able to some. Any internet connection to work with Philips Hue lights and accessories hue lights unreachable but work is impossible. Light or your wall switch ) or it is out of range each. Make sure that the light bulb and Responding normally them into where you want other things you need Know…... Theme at the bottom to apply it bulb closer to the bridge ) will pick the recipe. Have 2 Hue lights v3.7 lights try setting them up and working again add light ” under Settings! The smart bulb if you are facing wireless connection set back and Responding normally contact support with. No go: for the 'unreachable ' light works anyway you think that the light statuses, work...

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